Looking back at Season 2019
2019 was a short but good season for us. We managed to make new personal records and the bike was running strong the whole season.
The clutch settings are almost right, we had no break downs or problems this season wich is very good!
We aren’t sure that Kawazooka will race in 2020. The reason for this is that we are going to change the electronics to a stand alone ECU. And we will strenghten the engine even more.
Its not that we stop racing we are just working hard on improving Kawazooka!
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Event 8 : 14-09-2019/15-09-2019 /// 10e european dragster  – speed final, Clastres, France


First time for us in France. We had a great time there!
We have been working on the clutch settings with a good result. The big wheelies changed to lower wheelies and the times got better and better!


Result: New PB for the E.T 

E.T  9,46 P.B
R.T : 0.378
60 FT : 1,507
230,65 KM PB




Event 7 : 19-07-2019/21-07-2019 /// Jade Race 2019 Mariensiel, Germany


After a long winter repairing and rebuilding Kawazooka we gone to the Jade Race to test Kawazooka.
The test was a big succes! The wheelhop and suspension problems seems to be solved.
Result: New PB for the E.T and 60F.T !

E.T  9,48 P.B
R.T : 0.238
60 FT : 1,48 P,B
230,02 KM
Looking back at Season 2018
This racing season had some up’s and downs.
Kawazooka ran this year faster than ever and also we managed to get the 60 ft down to 1.5.
We are very happy with that !
Some bad things also happened this season.
In Germany we had fire in the front of the bike.
That damage took us sleepless nights to repair it before the next race.
In Drachten we had huge wheelhop and suspension problems. So bad that the billet clutch basket broke. We did our best to repair it before the next race.
We found out that broken bits of metal is still in the engine. We had to take the whole engine out of the bike and we missed the last event because we were waiting on parts.
Now the winter is comming. We are dedicated to make Kawazooka a low 9 high 8 second bike for next season.
We already started building!
Thanks to all my sponsors:
Thanks to DHRA for the great events this year
Event 6 : 27-07-2018/29-07-2018 /// DHRA The Main Event 2018, Drachten


Jade was great but the 60FT could still be better
We used this event to learn how to launch
And we succeed!

Result:  New P.B @ 60FT
E.T  9,78
R.T : 0.011 P.B
60 FT : 1,53
Event 5 : 13-07-2018/15-07-2018 /// Jade Race 2018 Mariensiel, Germany


We fixed alot of minor problems that we had last season
We tweaked the engine for Dragracing only
Togheter with the EasyRyders Dragracing team we had one goal:
Making a faster launch!
And we did it!!

Result:  New P.B
E.T  9,63
R.T : 0.193
60 FT : 1,56
Event 4 : 26-08-2017 /// DHRA OldSkool Dragracing 2017 (EDRS/DSPS) Drachten NL


I was in the mood right off the trailer I ran a new PB of 10,21!
With the help of EasyRyders Dragracing team that I joined this year we looked to my problem:
The launch! it is my biggest problem I had a 60FT of 2 seconds…..
People filmed me and we saw what happened at the launch.
I worked on it with a great result!
1,6 60FT and a E.T of 9,71 seconds!
This gave us the 3th place on the event!


E.T  9,71
R.T : 0.193
60 FT : 1,601
227,4 KM
Event 3 : 28-07-2017/30-07-2017 /// Fast Show Main Event 2017  (EDRS/DSPS) Drachten NL
Kawazooka is now extended with a Evil Swingarm and runs a Shinko Hook Up Dragrace tire. Also we did some engine work and changed the airshifter.
Because the whole setup was new for us and I dint had the opportunity to test the new setup before the race, we decided to just go to the race and see what happens.
It was actualy a test and tune for us but Kawazooka did great. We had zero problems with the bike and I decided to hit the throttle!
The result was a new personal best at the race of Fast Show Main Event 2017
First I ran a 10.372 what was a personal best. But right after I gone faster than ever !


E.T  10.289
R.T : 0.375
60 FT : 2.013
223.60 KM
Event 2 : 26-08-2016/ 28-08-2016 /// DHRA Dragracing Drachten Finals (EDRS/DSPS) Drachten NL
The setup was exactly the same as before.
But managed to run a faster time!

E.T  10.722 
R.T : 0.007
60 FT : 1.958
212,39 KM


The first event :  17-06-2016/19-06-2016 /// DHRA Dragracing Drachten Internationals (EDRS/DSPS) Drachten NL
I started with a E.T of 12.772 seconds
This was with Kawazooka lowered and with an airshifter.
5 runs later at 19-06-2016 I ran my personal best of 10,766!


E.T 10.766 
R.T: 0.456
60 FT : 1,98 
211,14 KM