Who am I?

I’m Roderick van Scherpenzeel
I had always a passion for Kawasaki Motorcycles. At the age of 18 I got my first Kawasaki a GPZ500S.
I used it as a daily driver. At some point I wanted to go faster!
I bought a Zx6R,Zx9R,Zx10R,Z1000……… after all those motorcycles I still wanted a faster Kawasaki.
After all those Kawasaki’s I bought a Kawasaki Zx12R 2001 in 2014. 
At first I bought the Zx12R just to have a fast street bike. I gone as a visitor to all drag races at Drachten in 2015.
It made me very excited to drag race myself.
At the end of 2015 I took my Kawasaki Zx12R to Motorcycle shop : Motor Service Zeewolde. The owner of the shop Johan Hofland liked the idea to let me build a Dragrace Motorcycle in his shop and Kawazooka was born!


Roderick van Scherpenzeel